How To Create Deep Connections In The Era Of Superficiality

Hey there! In Today’s post, I want to let you read chapter number 21 in the new book by Stefano Cece’s THE SMART SONGWRITER. I think this topic can be relevant to a lot of us.   One of the most important and complex challenges we face as authors is to connect on a deep […]

How to grow on Spotify (Part 1)

How to grow on Spotify (Part 1) How to grow on Spotify? Spotify might be one of the most promising platforms for up and coming artists, new and experienced artists alike in 2019. It both has the biggest audience of the paid streaming platforms, a great community, playlist driven listening and algorithms helping listeners discover […]

Bruno Mars Concert & 3 tips artists can learn from it

There are some concerts where huge production makes the whole show, not in the case of Bruno Mars. He and his band  (same guys from a 24k magic music video), created a feeling where they are the center of the show. I didn’t pay too much attention to decorations my eyes were all on Bruno and his fellas They had […]