Fans reaction artists can expect when putting out a record that sounds different from their previous direction.

The artistic decision when choosing a direction for a new record always isn’t easy especially if you’re an artist with many years behind and hundreds of songs written and recorded. Naturally, solo artists and bands are looking to stay creative by exploring new grounds while also staying current. Lifespan in the current pop music industry is very short and most of the artists that top billboard charts today will cease to exist in a few years when their trend is done. Then some go on pursuing other careers…

But what do you expect from a band who has to maintain decades of a successful career, stay relevant, please fans and to not lose its drive and love for what they do?

I have decided to write this post after reading a lot of people’s reactions to a new Backstreet Boys single that’s called, Don’t go breaking my heart. I’m not going to review it in this post but let’s say that this is something that even die-hard fan like me wasn’t expecting in a million years.

Comments on YouTube and Facebook in different posts and discussions vary between pure excitement and total disgust.

 Some people connect to the fresh sound and some people blame them for not putting out music that sounds like what they sounded like 20 years ago.

Psychologically we connect much faster to a familiar sound and style because this is how we built. If you’re a backstreet boys fan and don’t like the new single, give it a time to grow up on new .. it doesn’t mean you are making yourself to love it.. it means your brain adapts something new that didn’t meet your original expectations.

This type of comments and reactions are so typical I read and hear them over and over again. A most prominent example of rejection I’ve witnessed was with Linkin Park. As you know Linking Park has reinvented themselves every album but the peak of the rejection came with their latest record “One More Light”. Many hardcore fans who were following them since their first album got disappointed called dissed them, called sellouts, called their music cheap and not creative and it got to a point where they were booed at their own concerts.

 I’m sure there are much more examples you are more than welcomed to write in the comments section.

My Point is that as an artist you can’t please everybody it’s much more important to preserve your artistic feeling and drive to create instead of making plastic music if you wanna stay around for a long time. You will lose some fans, you will gain some fans, some fans will love you for how you made them feel when they were young and some people will be open minded enough to accept your new vision.

My Personal opinion about Linkin Park is that their latest Album One more light was one of their best records and we will miss Chester may his soul rest in peace.

Backstreet Boys on the other hand just released their first single from their new album and we don’t know what the whole record will sound like. I do love the song and after listening like 20 times the chorus grew up on me. I suggest for fans to not get disappointed and want to remind you that many people hated JT first single Filthy but after the release of “Man of the Woods” praised the album altogether.

If you kept reading till the end, thank you very much for attention let me know what you think about this topic.