There are some concerts where huge production makes the whole show, not in the case of Bruno Mars. He and his band  (same guys from a 24k magic music video), created a feeling where they are the center of the show. I didn’t pay too much attention to decorations my eyes were all on Bruno and his fellas

They had synchronized dance routine and acted together, sang, played Instruments at the same time. Being close also gave me clearly​ to experience an artist’s energy, facial expression, etc. something you can’t feel while standing 10 meters away.

Decorations that have played a supportive part in my opinion, were very much impressive and included, lifting stage, fireworks, bursts of fire that were damn strong and I could feel the heat from the distance.

Bruno and everybody else constantly kept contact with the crowd were fairly responsive to some fans in front lines. It’s really what makes you stand apart as performer believe me!

Usually, backup musicians and singers play a very small role in a show regarding everything, but their actual role. Here everybody performed together interchangeably as a whole and gave high-quality performance making you wanna follow them actively.

Bruno performed all of his hit songs from all albums, of course, most of the concert was based on the last album which in my opinion has only A-List songs and not even one filler.

In the world of manufactured pop, where artists constantly use full playback during concerts, Bruno showed how the real artist should give all of his genuine energy and to work hard night after night but it looked like he really enjoyed himself after so many nights like this.

Funny how he performed in a jacket​ almost the whole time with all dance routine, what a sacrifice for the show, I’m sure he has sweated so damn hard.

I think maybe this kind of show concept won’t be suitable for every type of music style in exactly copy-paste setting but I guess every musician can take a few notes while working on his live gig.

1. Don’t be distant with the crowd

I’ve seen many singers especially beginners keep looking at some point in the back of the club


or pub they are performing in. Or at least it’s how I felt while watching them or they may interact on stage only with their bandmates. The crowd can lose interest in you very quickly, don’t forget why people came to watch your gig instead of listening to you at home. They want to feel that special bond with the artist and of course wanna hear you LIVE! So always pay attention and show some signs that you see your fans, like eye wink or some smile directed to someone who is moving his or her body to the rhythm. Very important in my opinion.

2. Always build a dynamic and interactive program

Exactly like in everything dynamics are a very important part of music you already know that but when you’re planning your concert playlist try to balance it with slow and uptempo songs to create tension points.

Try to also to make interactive intros to drive listener in by asking something related to a song you’re going to start performing. Think of creative ways to implement it accordingly to your music.

For example before one of the songs Bruno asked a fan in the crowd if she/he wants to take a picture of them to Instagram and then they posed before they have started singing.


3. Let the rest of the band to play an active role

It’s kinda boring to see lead singer jumping on the stage while rest of the band barely moving.

Sometimes occasionally you see some movement from musicians or backup singers but it’s​ kind of anemic.

Try to bring something more interesting to the table. I was amazed by how Bruno’s fellas kicked the stage. This is the idea when planning your next show

Watch this example from the concert

P.S – Pictures in this post are not from the actual concert in Krakow