My Unique Approach


Before we get to song production we figure out your goal with the song. Your goals determine the approach to the production process. If you don’t clearly understand your “Artist Identity” (Artist Brand) we’re gonna figure it out for you. We may look at more than one song to decide which one is gonna hit the hardest first, and we’ll put together a plan to promote it before it even drops. Hollywood blockbusters start to create buzz long before the movie is finished. We are going to create that same anticipation.


This is where we start working on the actual song, based on what we have discussed in Pre Production stage. I will start executing our plan and we will collaborate to produce the best song for you. In the end, I will get it mixed and mastered for you plus prepare alternative versions for remixes or live shows.

Release Plan

Once that the song is ready, we will optimize it for uploading to various platforms , create an EPK, help you to create the visuals, and top to bottom create the smoothest and most effective release possible. We’re in this together.